:: Modern Country Guitar: Technique Booster DVD

Modern Country Guitar: Technique Booster DVD
دسته بندی: محصولات تصویری گیتار الکتریک ( Electric Guitar DVD Movie)
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    ویدیوی معرفی محصول

    Country Guitar playing (Chicken Pickin') is a fun style to play. Chicken Pickin' is upbeat and fast, so if you don't have the endurance and dexterity, it makes it hard to keep up. 

    The Modern Country Guitar Course is designed to build those chops.

    Part 1 of the course cover how to get that Chicken Pickin' Tone. Let's face it, if your getting a cool tone out of your guitar, pedals and amp, you'll practice longer because your inspired.

    Part 2 of this course is a series of exercises and repeating patterns that you will learn and play-along with the provided backing track. These exercises are designed to increase your stamina and improve right-left hand coordination.

    In Part 3 of the course you'll learn an upbeat country guitar solo. It may seem a little challenging at first, but once your done with the exercise portion of the course, you should be able to easily play this solo. 

    In this course you will learn:

    • Country Guitar Tone! We'll cover Guitars, Amps, Effects and even Fingernails.
    • Working with the Country Composite Scale
    • Hybrid Picking Techniques & Exercises
    • Repeating Patterns & Exercises
    • Double Stops Licks
    • Open String Licks
    • Chicken Pickin' Techniques
    • Play A-Long with a Rockin' Country Style Solo

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