:: Chords and Scales for Guitarists + CD

Chords and Scales for Guitarists + CD
دسته بندی: كتابهاي گيتار Electric (راك،متال،بلوز،Jazz،کانتری،و...)
ناشر: Music Sales
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 106,000 تومان

  • Audio CD Included
    Note + Tablature
    Number Of Pages:210

    by David Mead

    بنا به قدیمی بودن کتاب کیفیت متوسط

    Here at last is a book that tackles these two vital areas in simple, no-nonsense terms. With over 400 diagrams and a comprehensive audio CD, bestselling guitar author David Mead teaches you how to construct chords and scales from the ground up, how to recognize important chord and scale families and how to organize your fretboard using the CAGED concept. With a chapter on improvisation providing vital tips on soloing over chord changes, this book is all you need to make your guitar solos sound more musical and develop all the instincts of a fully rounded musician.

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